Enjoy X Travel Archetecture

Enjoy X Travel platform aims to provide cheaper prices also high-quality travel products.
Besides, all users who use the platform will receive a certain reward for their use.

Blockchain technology has made it possible to build such an ecosystem.

It provides a medium of communication to travel product consumers and suppliers.

* Fast and reliable information
* Payment Means

Enjoy X Travel Platform is it will serve as a bridge connecting travel products and customers to reliable information, and we will pioneer new paths that have not been attempted before.

Blockchain has the characteristic of managing information without a central authority, and despite this, it has high reliability. It also has a self-verification system for data, so it is highly structured against hacking and malicious attempts.

What is Crypto?
EXT Platform

Problems & Solutions

Travel showed a preference of 70% of leisure life preferences as of 2019, and is by far the top priority among all leisure activities.
Say GoodBye traditional Travel System. We are providing new experiences based on the Blockchain system.


Many people's favorite and preferred travel has grown rapidly over the years, and as a result, companies that provide travel products have had to compete in bleeding, so the damage goes back to travel consumers, and the satisfaction of travel has sharply declined.

Enjoy X Travel platform, reliable information and marketing / promotional costs for travel product providers are blockchain and provided to travel customers, creating a mutual win-win structure.
The core of this flow is blockchain, which will act as an intermediary between travel providers and travel consumers.
Besides, blockchainized tokens will have the value that can be exchanged at any time on domestic and overseas exchanges.


Enjoy X Travel Platform

Travel product providers directly provide their product information to customers, and customers solve trust problems such as the authenticity of the provided travel products through a medium called blockchain.

Enjoy X Travel will become such a platform provider and will be built in a mutually beneficial structure by providing high-quality information to both travel providers and travel consumers.


Enjox X Travel Whitepaper

Our aspirations and plans are summarized in a white paper. Also, it has described a technical overview.
The content of this white paper will be updated from time to time and will also be revised as the business model evolves.


Introduce content of whitepaper

The first half contains the situation of the travel market triggered by the COVID-19 virus, which started from the end of 2019, and a detailed analysis of how the recovery will proceed and the future forecast of when the travel market will normalize.

The middle part describes the basic concept of how to use travel products and blockchain on the Enjoy X Travel platform and where to apply it. We have summarized each flow.

The second half describes how it is technically structured, how it will be implemented, what technology is applied, and left information on the structured token.

Finally, the future roadmap of our platform and the team members who are leading this project are described.

Sale & Values

Tokens Information

The first token of the Enjoy X Travel platform is listed on the exchange.
Our blockchain token Enjoy X Travel (EXT) can be found in the public market.

In order to successfully build and develop the Enjoy X Travel platform's ecosystem, EXT tokens were listed on the exchange to establish an ecosystem. Through these efforts, we intend to open a window for travel consumers and travel providers to be compatible with the common real economy.
Enjoy the privileges of EXT tokens that are precisely linked to the real economy.

  • TOKEN NAME Enjoy X Travel
  • Total Supply 5,000,000,000
  • Korea Exchange 2020. 10.
  • Oversea Exchange 2021. 03.
  • World Wide 2023.
  • BASE Tech. ERC-20, ERC-777
  • Token Symbol EXT
  • Total Dist. 100,000,000
  • Korean Travel, Shopping
  • Oversea Air, Hotel, Resturant, Shopping, Discount
  • World Wide Exchange


Enjoy X Travel Platform's 3Years Roadmap.
COVID-19 is giving us a chance. The Post Corona will be led by us.

2020. Q4
Enjoy X Travel Token
Platform Develop
Currently Progess
2021. H1
Base Camp
SouthEast Asia
2021. H2
Extend Platform
Override Cloud
2022. H1
Extend Camp
Australia, Pacific
2022. H2
World Camp
Europe, Africa
World Wide
Connect Branch
About Token

Enjoy X Travel(EXT) Token

Enjoy X Travel(EXT) Token operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is publicly opened.
It is a token that applied the ERC-777 proposal by actively accepting the proposal that supplemented the problems of the existing ERC-20.

Coin Image

Enjoy X Travel (EXT) Token

Enjoy X Travel (EXT) Token is an ERC-777 Token based on ERC-20 using Ethereum's Smart Contract. ERC-20 has been the standard for Smart Contract Tokens since the initial proposal. However, there was a serious problem in that the token disappears when transmitting the token. The ERC-777 proposal was made to supplement this problem and add a task to verify the recipient's address, and the Enjoy X Travel (EXT) Token used in the platform was designed and constructed based on this ERC-777 proposal.

As such, the Enjoy X Travel platform has been developed with the utmost emphasis on system reliability and accuracy of information, and is aimed at maximum convenience for platform users.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

The use of Enjoy X Travel Token was classified in advance by policy, and distributed to thoroughly manage the distribution volume in consideration of the continuous growth of the platform. In addition, we introduced a system to prevent inflation due to the negligence of platform users or losses due to certain problems. This is designed to maximize exchange value.


Total circulation of ecosystem 20%

B2B Parter 30%

Develop 10%

Team 10%

Marketing 10%

Reserved 20%

Symbol: EXT

Initial Value: 1 EXT = 20 won

Type: ERC20, ERC777



It is composed of members with expertise in the field for a long time.
Enjoy X Travel Platform Member.


Total Member


Travel expert


Platform Manager

Yuncheol Choi
Jessica Kim
Jeonghyun Yang
Overseas Division
Kwak Changwoo
Overseas business division, all over Busan, all over China
Byeongchae Park
Domestic Business Division
Kim Kwang-ryun
Overseas Business Division Southeast Asia

Platform Manager

Youngjae Lee
Domestic business department promotion marketing

2015 ~ 2020 Various store promotion videos
2019 ~ 2020 Lee Jang-woo YouTube powder cook PD
2017 ~ Ar billiard promotional video
2016 ~ Yonsei Cancer Hospital promotional video
2006 ~ 2012 Graduated from Gyeonggi University, Department of Multimedia Imaging

Dong Yeon Oh
General operation of domestic business division

2020. 09 ~ Representative of IH-Solution
2018. 01 ~ Presently, CEO of Haeoreum Energy Co., Ltd. / Renewable energy (solar power)
2015. 10 ~ Chairman of Gwonseon-gu Disabled Cooperative Association
2013. 03 ~ Zion Solar Co., Ltd. Manager / Renewable Energy (Solar Power)
2010. 05 ~ 2013. 10 Representative of Multijoy Co., Ltd. / Homepage and shopping mall production. Point system
2005 ~ 2010 Financial consulting / life, damage, variable, gantu

Kim Jin-do
Technical general manager of domestic business division

2020.09 ~ Currently, IH-Solution Technology Manager
2018.12 ~ 2020.05 Director of KMK Research Institute / Blockchain System Development
2014.04 ~ 2018.11 Representative of Ara Soft Lab / Software Development
2007.07 ~ 2014.03 Beretlink Co., Ltd. technical responsibility / software development/hardware development / network design
1999.12 ~ 2007.06 Berekum Co., Ltd. technical responsibility / software development / hardware development / network design .